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When I’m not thinking about websites or content strategy, I’m usually knitting. In fact, I’ve just started a knitting blog where I share knitting-related thoughts and patterns.

Today my worlds intersected a bit. I came across a wonderful post entitled “Goals Written Are Dreams Achieved.” While I’m not planning to sell my knitted objects on Etsy anytime soon, I thought the post really captured best practices for every association, corporation, nonprofit, or entrepreneur.

The post gave four tips for writing and measuring goals. I’ve paraphrased them and added a fifth.

  1. Write them as positive, declarative sentences.
  2. Be detailed.
  3. Share your goals with others, maybe in a blog post or on Twitter.
  4. Track the progress of your goals.
  5. Review and refine them on a regular basis.

For a website, content strategy is key to enabling your business to meet its goals.

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