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The report Association Content Strategies for a Changing World <> identified 17 tactics, or activities, that comprise content strategy. These activities don’t themselves add up to “content strategy” – they are building blocks to a more strategic approach.

As a next step, we have created an adoption plan. We’ve organized the activities into seven groups, listed in order from most strategic to most tactical:

  1. Strategy
  2. Content operations
  3. Content quality
  4. Audience understanding
  5. Content planning and marketing
  6. Taxonomy/metadata
  7. Content structure

This plan addresses the fact that there are different degrees of depth to each tactic. It also includes a few more activities not explicitly mentioned in the research study.

There are several ways to use this plan:

  • Identify which group interests you most, start at the beginning, and move on to another one.
  • If more than one group interests you, start at the “crawl” level with one and then move on to the “crawl” level for the next.
  • If you’ve already done some of the activities, feel free to choose others that seem to address pain points your organization is experiencing.

The key here is to keep in mind that content strategy is a journey, and every organization’s journey is different. There’s a lot to do – and a lot of progress to be made. The more you do, the more you’ll see the organization change through the activities, and the more effective your content will become.

Download the plan: (MS Word, 4 pages)

You may want to start by identifying where you are in your content strategy maturity: (Excel, 1 page)

Bon voyage! And, of course, if you’d like any advice or support along the way, please reach out.

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