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Building on the first article in the series about content strategy for associations, published in Boardroom Magazine,  this article covers what a content strategy entails and how it will help your organization be more successful.

Content is the way an organization’s work is manifested in the world. Content is the organization’s programs, products, services, information, resources, and tools – not only how we communicate about them, but is the work itself.

Many associations think of content as just the communications and marketing about our offerings, but if we truly understand that our work is content, then we can thoroughly treat all the content from all of our work like the valuable assets they are. All of your content – aka, all of your work – constitutes your primary value to your members.

Therefore, if you plan, create, manage, and share content in a strategic way, members will better be able to find it, understand it, and use it. And the more they use your offerings, the more highly they will value their membership, and your association.

Building on the idea of content strategy success, the article dives into the techniques that constitute the building blocks of content strategy.

Read the complete article on Boardroom Magazine’s website.

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