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Imagine that your company has just released an upgraded piece of equipment. On your website, you post the marketing description, as well as the detailed technical specs for anyone who wishes to have them. Then you write a news story or press release about it and post it on the homepage.

That’s all well and good, but what makes a potential customer come to your site, and what are they looking for? Maybe they read a mention about the new product in a trade journal, maybe heard something about it from a colleague.

They come to your site with this one thing on their minds, and they want information they couldn’t get from the trade publication: Is the new piece right for them? How is the new one different from the previous one? How much does it cost, and what services do you offer to support the equipment?

This is not editorial content, by the way; you’re supposed to be biased. So use any facts you can to help them formulate and act on a decision to buy your order ultram online overnight equipment. Show comparisons between this new piece of equipment and your others, or with competitors’ products.

Put the information in one place, so readers don’t have to go to the marketing section for marketing information and the technology section for technical information. If that is not possible, make sure to link to all the other information the customer might want.

Finally, post comments from existing customers of the product, so the prospective customer can get a sense of the product in use. Invite them to post questions and comments – and if your culture allows, answer them honestly, right on the page.

Something else to keep in mind: Maintaining this collection of pages needs to be someone’s responsibility. You might decide to appoint the product manager or corporate communicator in charge of that section. But ultimate responsibility for the page’s structure and currentness should not fall to the IT developer who posts the content.

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