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or, how content strategy challenges are keeping your CEO up at night

Presentation delivered at the Chicago Content Strategy Meetup on March 26, 2013. It covers:

  • A list of business problems caused by a lack of content strategy
  • How to communicate the value of content strategy
  • The culture changes that content strategy may require/cause
  • Potential approaches for getting executive buy-in

I’d love to hear your stories too!

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  1. Excellent info. Thank you. From an org structure point of view, where do you find the most successful in-house content strategists–those who are on the same team as content creators? Or on an unrelated team? To have real influence, whom should the content strategist report up to? thanks!

    1. Hi Erica,

      This is such a great question! Personally, I think content strategists should be separate from the content creators and should be part of an overall Web team — for several reasons:

      1. They need to keep a perspective and not get too close to the content, so they can spot jargon and other language that the audience may not understand.

      2. They need to represent the users’ perspective to the content creators, and educate the content creators about how to make sure their information is created with the audience in mind.

      3. If they work as part of a larger Web team, they can represent the voice of the many content creators that may exist in many areas of the organization.

      As for your other question about who the content strategists and the Web team should report to, I believe that it needs to be a central team reporting to top management.

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