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An effective Twitter content strategy produces a stream of updates that inspire a follower to follow back. It contains the following characteristics:

  • shares information about the person/business that potential followers find useful
  • shares information that inspires confidence in that person/business
  • lets followers know that the person/business is interested in others
  • shares links
  • shows that the person/business is participating in conversations — asking questions, responding, engaging others
  • is updated on a relatively frequent basis

When someone follows me, I check out their profile to see whether I should follow them. Here’s a follower I got this morning whose profile looked like a one-way broadcast channel:







On closer inspection, each of these posts is a link to a client recommendation that was posted on their website — a great start, although not at all clear in its execution. The website also had some very good articles that would be well worth posting on Twitter, on topics like resources to learn more about orthopedics and pain management, what to expect when you see your x-ray technician, and why your spine causes you pain.

If I were creating a Twitter content strategy for this organization, my recommendations would include that they:

  • post links to their informative articles
  • create more articles on the specific topics that they help patients with: sciatica, herniated discs, lower back pain, etc.
  • create an editorial calendar for posting articles on their site and links on Twitter
  • connect with Chicago-area health-conscious individuals and entities

Thoughts, anyone?

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