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Photo By Deanna J On Unsplash
Photo by Deanna J on Unsplash

Content curation is a smart way for organizations to help their audiences learn about, understand, and use information that is important to them.

In this environment where we’re all bombarded with incredible amounts of raw data from sources that may or may not be trustworthy, organizations can no longer simply provide information. They need to cull information from trustworthy sources, distill it, and add context — in other words, curate content for their audiences. Curation is the perfect opportunity to provide incredible value.

Associations can curate industry news, topics, and even their own products and services, giving members relevant information, in the right amount and at the right time.

To be effective, content curation should be part of an organization’s overall content strategy. And it requires the right people, processes, and technologies.

I recently co-authored a whitepaper on this topic with Elizabeth Engel, Chief Strategist of Spark Consulting. The paper outlines the challenge presented by information overload, the types of content curation, what it takes to do it, and a content curation maturity ladder that any organization can scale. You can download the whitepaper here (PDF, 485k, 25 pages).

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