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Content management systems have been around for almost two decades, but we’re still talking about how much we hate them. They’re not intuitive to use, and many of their features probably sounded attractive during the sales process, but are never touched and often get in the way of ease of use.

My first article for the venerable CMS Wire website has five key takeaways:

  1. If you don’t have a smart, consistent process for reviewing content, your CMS can’t solve that.
  2. What happens outside of the CMS is as important as what happens within it.
  3. People closest to the information need to be the ones interacting with the CMS.
  4. What an organization wants may not be the same as what it needs.
  5. CMSs operate within a larger technology and business ecosystem, so they can’t be the heroes if they act alone.

Read the full article.

The article arose from a Twitter conversation with two colleagues. Each of us wrote an article outlining our perspectives — as theirs are published, I will link to them here.


Content management is not the same as a content management system

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