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I’ve written many times about the pitfalls organizations are likely to encounter if they don’t have a content strategy:

The top 5 risks of NOT managing your content

Content strategy: What is it, and why do you need one?

Are you a content hoarder? Time to declutter!

If you do have a content strategy, your organization will be able to both satisfy your audience’s needs and also accomplish your goals, more effectively and efficiently.

Here are some of the ways content strategy will help you:

  1. Because your content will use the same topic tags (ones that use the audience’s terms), it can can be cross-linked and published together automatically. This enables your audience members to easily find what they are looking for and also discover related content.
  1. Because you will have practices, policies, and processes defined for content, your subject-matter experts can partner with content experts to ensure that content is valuable, relevant, accurate, and presented effectively for each medium in which it appears.
  1. Because your content will have clearly defined goals, you will know which content is succeeding and which is not. Once you know this, you can make the necessary adjustments in content topics, types, flow, timing, and promotions to increase its success. You will also be able to clearly determine what content to publish less of, because it is not resonating with the audience and therefore not furthering the organization’s goals.
  1. Because you will have a clearly defined content lifecycle and workflow, your content will be current and accurate. This is likely to reduce audience frustration as well as customer service calls due to outdated or inaccurate information.
  1. Because you will have clear guidelines for content creation and publishing, your content experts can serve as expert advisors to subject-matter experts and content curators for your highest-profile channels.

If you want to achieve this, contact us and let’s discuss how to get your organization there!

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