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Continuing with my recent blog post listing in-person content strategy meetup groups, here is a list of all the online content strategy groups and communities I could find. Am I missing any? Please let me know!

(updated March 1, 2021)

Our own community, on our own platform

Content Strategy:


Content Strategists:


Content + UX:

For people working in associations and nonprofits

Content Forum:

NTEN Digital Communications group:


Content Strategy:

Content Strategists:

Content Strategy Bitesize:

Higher Ed Web Content:

The Content Wrangler Community:

Content Strategy Italy [Italian]:

Content Strategy Paris [French]:

Content Strategy for Law Firms:

Content Strategy RVA:

Content Strategy PDX:

Content Strategy Barcelona:

Innehållsstrategi (Content strategy) [Swedish]:

Content Strategy South Africa:

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  1. Excellent list, Hilary. Thanks for putting it together.

    You might want to add the Content Strategy Forum: It’s closely aligned with the Google+ CS community (whose URL comes up for me with a zero, for some reason, where you have a 1—

    1. Thanks, Marcia — Love the CS Forum! I consider them an organization rather than a community, so that’s why it wasn’t on this particular list.

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