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Photo By Emily Morter On Unsplash
Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new content strategy survey:

As we all know, one of the challenges in the content strategy profession is that we don’t have enough information about what we each do, the environments we work in, where we are located, our titles and salaries, and our biggest challenges.

Today, here’s what we have to help one another discover this kind of information:

  • We have online communities and meetups.
  • There are several conferences covering various types of content strategy work, including Confab, Utterly Content, OmnichannelX, and Lavacon, as well as related content design, UX writing, product content strategy, content marketing, information architecture, user experience, and technical conferences and those in specific professions or topics.
  • There is only one content strategy graduate program, based in Graz, Austria (remote via Zoom, with periodic presence weekends). There are numerous academic content strategy courses, housed in strategic communications, user experience, marketing, and technical communications departments – which again speaks to the multiple perspectives of our discipline/profession. In addition, there are countless informal courses and programs.
  • We also have a wonderful collection of books, websites, and blogs filled with content strategy knowledge from practitioners and software companies – too numerous to mention here, although Jonathon Colman’s epic list,’s Recommended Content Strategy Resources and Tools, and GatherContent’s blog posts, books, and webinars are a good start.

Other professions have bodies of knowledge, professional associations, certification programs, and the like. We’ll get there too.

Until then, it’s not easy for content strategists to develop the right set of skills, map out a clear career path, sell the idea of content strategy as essential work to companies, be assured that a content strategy job listing is actually for a content strategist, and learn about content strategy in a consistent, academic way.

This survey is an attempt to fix that.

A team of academics and I have created this survey to document the state of content strategists today. We plan to use the data to convince more universities to offer content strategy courses, to share the information with current and prospective content strategists, and to jump-start the development of other things that will solidify the profession.

We would really appreciate your participation! Please feel free to share the survey with other content strategists you know.

We plan to leave the survey up until March 31, so please take it soon. And if you provide your email address, we will share a summary of the results with you directly. (Of course, we plan to share this summary far and wide, so don’t feel obliged to share your email address.)


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