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Facets Of Content Strategy

I’ve created this image to depict the multiple facets of content strategy, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you in advance for sharing!


Facets of content strategy

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  1. I would add another category: How we measure it to 1. Why we need it 2. How/where to publish & promote it 3. How to present and connect it; even an argument could be made for how to measure What it is/should be. Perhaps adding an analytics statement to each of the facets where appropriate.

    Love this graphic, awesome!

  2. I really enjoy mapping like yours. Picturing a system like content is one is always interesting. It allows to create holistic view of it. If I may I’d had add advertising as solution to promote content.

  3. I was unable to comment on this in the Content Strategy community where you posted it – trying to get back in. 😅

    It presents a comprehensive picture, and presents areas for people to think about. Like the ‘who decides?’ part a lot.

    With regard to the comment about how to measure it, I guess I saw that as part of the success metrics and the ‘why we need it’.

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