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Here are some readings about content strategy and related topics that have resonated with me in the last several weeks. Happy reading!


Decluttering your digital presence: thoughts on web governance and digital quality management
by Marianne Kay

(Similar to my series of posts on content hoarding)

by Karen McGrane

Alien Interpreters: How Linguists Would Talk to Extraterrestrials
Language experts describe how cultures with nothing in common can learn to communicate
By Greg Uyeno

Help! We (Think We) Need to Hire a Content Strategist
by Jennifer Bassett

Practical Content Strategy in Action
by Joseph Phillips

Content Review: Your Least Favorite Activity
by Laura Creekmore

Defining Digital Product Scope: What Do You Need?
by Deane Barker

Content leaders: Manager, strategist, or practitioner?
What kind of content leader does your company need?
by Kathy Wagner

Every company needs a voice, this is how Slack found theirs
by Oliver Smith

Simple email subject lines are failing to engage consumers: stats
by Nikki Gilliland

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