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My article, “Calculating the True Requirements for Content Staffing,” was published in June 2018 article in UX Booth, a popular online journal for user experience professionals. Many — probably most — organizations understaff for sustainably effective content. The article explores the reasons for this, and the consequences.

But probably the most important piece of the article is the calculator I created to determine how much staffing YOUR organization needs for your ongoing content needs: This calculator quantifies the time it takes for the full content lifecycle and accounts for the fact that there’s a balance between subject-matter experts and content creators/publishers for each task in the lifecycle. It also allows that there might be a different balance for different kinds of content. And it’s customizable, because the balance varies for each organization. I’m really excited about the calculator, since I haven’t seen anything like it before.

I’d love to hear your comments/feedback about it.

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