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Content – programs, products, services, events, etc. – represents the value that associations produce. Creating, publishing, and managing that content strategically is key to making the organization’s value more visible to both existing and prospective members, and will enable the organization to thrive by helping its members succeed.

On a webinar sponsored by RealMatch, I delivered a talk that covers

  • a definition of content strategy
  • the problems content strategy can solve for associations
  • how to address challenges
  • where to start

Content lets audiences accomplish what they want from your association: take advantage of what you offer, find out why to join or renew, learn how your association helps them in their profession, and find information they’re looking for without having to call you. It also helps you attract prospective members, retain and engage current members, increase the usage of the valuable programs, resources, tools, and information you produce, increase awareness of and participation in political advocacy efforts, and increase non-dues revenue.

See the slides below to learn more. Or watch the recording.

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