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Have you ever audited 135,000 web pages, directories, and documents? I did (with help), and I wrote about the four lessons I learned as a guest post on Mindy Messenger’s blog.

Sneak peek at the lessons:

  1. Try and scope the effort.
  2. Articulate the goals.
  3. Set expectations for the data we need.
  4. Have the analytics integrated right away.

This post was part of a creative, generous effort called Blog Secret Santa. Margot Bloomstein created the germ of the idea in 2013, and Ben Chadfield and Max Johns led the effort to take it to fruition for a second where can i buy lasix online year.

I was so pleased to have gotten the smart and talented Mindy as my Blog Secret Santa recipient. (Sadly, my Blog Secret Santa didn’t come through for me.)

Here is a list of all the content strategy entries in the Blog Secret Santa effort.


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