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In your association, you need a good way to make smart decisions about which tools and channels to adopt. It’s all too easy to succumb to “shiny object syndrome,” since it’s free and easy to set up a new channel or tool.

However, launching any new tool or channel is like having a baby — while the setup takes planning and thoughtfulness, the real effort is the long-term, everyday care and feeding.

So make your decisions wisely, based on good business metrics and goals, as well as the opportunity offered by the specific channel.

We covered this topic at the REALTOR® Association Executives Institute in March 2013. Here are two resources with far more information, available for you to download:

Digital Tools Assessment Checklist (PDF, 124k)

Full article with statistics: Choosing Digital Tools and Channels for Your Association (and avoid “shiny object syndrome”) (PDF, 160k)

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