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Associations are in the content business.

The new reality demands that content be custom, quick, and reliable. But how often does the content from training materials, conferences, or magazines disappear after a single use?

According to the ASAE Foundation’s ForesightWorks project, today’s shifting environment for content is a key driver of change for associations. By adapting and reusing content, associations increase visibility and add value for members in an ever-changing environment. For example, a single conference session could become a podcast, magazine articles, and social media posts.

This kind of reuse also helps members access content in formats that work best for them. I was pleased to present this session with association communications pros Evan Sparks, VP of Publications for the American Bankers Association, and Mandy Moody, Communications Manager at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. In this talk, presented at the ASAE Membership, Marketing & Communications 2020 virtual conference in April 2020, we share strategies for any association to adapt and reuse content to meet members’ demands in a timely and customized way.

Learn more by watching the full video:


Since we couldn’t gather in person, we created a handout that you can use to take a single topic and identify all the possible content you can create from it: (PDF, 747k)

And please get in touch if I can help your organization turn this vision into a reality!

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