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A content audit—inventory and analysis of the content you have today—is a cornerstone activity in any content strategy endeavor. In fact, many people (incorrectly) equate content audits with content strategy. An audit can reveal a great deal about your content, and it’s critically important to be prepared, so that you get valuable knowledge out of the effort.

Before you plunge in or look for a consultant to help you, you need to

  • know your objectives
  • identify your scope (volume, description, and how the content relates to the organization’s goal and user needs)
  • determine what data to capture, and where that information will come from
  • list considerations about what to analyze, and understand whether you can analyze content or need to do additional groundwork beforehand

We have developed a worksheet to help your organization plan for an effective content audit.


Download the content audit planning worksheet (Word, 3 pages)

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