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So you’ve realized that your organization needs a content strategy. Congratulations!
If you are like most organizations, you know you can’t create a holistic content strategy on your own. You might have time constraints (you already have a full-time job!) or understand that you need an outside person to facilitate discussions and guide decisions.
You created a request form and shared it with several content strategy consultancies. These might be people you know, firms referred to you by colleagues, people you saw speak, or strategists you found online. And you’ve received several proposals.
Here are some things to think about as you review the proposals, to help you make the best decision:
  • Will the content strategy work help you identify what success looks like for the types of content your organization creates? Criteria should include how to determine success in advance, assess it, and make decisions to improve the content’s ability to achieve its goals.
  • Will it help your organization decide which content to create and which to stop creating?
  • Will it address challenges and inconsistencies posed by your content silos?
  • Will the solution leave your organization with sustainable policies and practices for content planning, creation, promotion, maintenance, renewal, and retirement or archiving?
  • Will it leave you with the tools you need for content planning and collaboration?
  • Does it include considerations for technology, taxonomy, information architecture, and marketing?
  • Does it address ongoing content staffing needs?
  • If you are a membership organization, does the content strategy address the relationships among staff, volunteers/key stakeholders, and top-priority audiences?

If you need help creating a content strategy RFP, please download our content strategy roadmap (PDF, 8 pages), or get in touch!

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